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Cisco Press Meet the Author Webinar – Demystifying CUCM Security By Default

Join me for Cisco Press Meet the Author Webinar for one of the hottest topics in Cisco Unified Communications – Security by Default

Register at to secure your seat!

The session will be recorded in case you miss the live webcast.

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Chalk Talk – An Insight to Cisco VPN Phone

So, this is my second chalk talk in two consecutive months (year end happy)!

This chalk talk featured on Cisco Support Community and Cisco Technical Services Newsletter focuses on Cisco VPN phone feature for small business to enterprises looking for a scalable and secure way to let the remote workers/telecommuters connect and leverage the corporate voice resources.

Here’s an excerpt from the article.


In today’s world, organizations are striving to stay connected with their employees. With businesses going 24X7, no organization can afford to have employees disconnected from the enterprise network and not able to access corporate voice or data resources. Understanding that modern day organizations need secure connectivity for their remote employees as well as telecommuters, Cisco has come out with the concept of VPN client on physical Cisco Unified IP Phone. Yes, you read it right, it’s an SSL client installed on a Cisco IP Phone that enables remote workforce and on-the-go employees to get access to corporate UC resources.

Cisco VPN Phone Overview

This new feature is called Cisco VPN Phone, and it leverages Cisco AnyConnect SSL client built into an IP phone’s firmware to connect to enterprise edge firewall (Cisco ASA). Cisco VPN Phone feature has numerous benefits,such as:

  • No additional hardware is required by the end-user except for the IP Phone itself.
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone with Cisco VPN client can get online from wherever Internet access is available.
  • Cisco VPN Phone feature is supported with both Cisco ASA and Cisco IOS routers.
  • Cisco VPN Phone can secure voice and video media along with IP Phone service traffic. This gives additional flexibility to go from a voice-only call to a video call. VPN tunnel applies only to voice, video, and IP phone services. The PC connected to PC port is responsible for authenticating and establishing its own tunnel with VPN client software (Split Tunneling)
  • All settings are configured via CUCM administration, thereby providing ease of administration.


For full article visit

For a detailed insight to Cisco Collaboration/UC security read Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks book that covers every aspect of UC security and beyond.

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Happy holidays!

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Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks in CCIE Collaboration Recommended Books List

I’ve always been an advocate of security and that – there’s no discussion that’s complete without security aspect to it.

Cisco and Cisco Learning have released the exam topics and a list of recommended books for CCIE Collaboration – and it resonates the notion – security is now an implicit part of the CCIE collaboration exam.

Naturally, Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks is in the recommended book list for CCIE Collaboration on Cisco Learning  (CCO),

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Securing Cisco IP Telephony eBook / paperback from Cisco Press, Cisco Market Place, Amazon or a local bookshop or an online store and get started with CCIE collaboration written and lab exam preparation.

Buy at


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Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks in CCIE Security v4 Recommended Book List!

It’s heart warming to see – Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks finding a place in the recommended books list for CCIE v4! The recommendation comes from none other than Nat Timms – CCIE Security Program Manager, as seen on Packet Pushers

This is a testament that the title covers not just the UC security aspect but much beyond it – infrastructure, physical and perimeter security, which makes it a must read for anyone interested in network and UC security. Grab your copy of Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks Today here

Keep learning, keep reading!

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Free Webinars on CUCM Endpoint Security and Compliance

Please join Stephen Welsh (UnifiedFX CTO) and myself for a series of educational webinars on Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) Endpoint Security and Compliance.

This series of webinars is aimed at helping UC and Security community understand, uncomplicate and achieve security for Cisco UC endpoints (IP Phones, Softphones) Learn key principles, leading practices and how to effectively manage Cisco UC endpoints for security compliance.

The Essentials of Endpoint Security and Compliance is a 3 session series with following sessions –

• Session 1: The Impact of Security by Default (5th Sept)

• Session 2: Understanding and Managing ITL & CTL Files (12th Sept)

• Session 3: Leading Practices for Endpoint Security & Compliance (19th Sept)

You can register for the webinars at

Unifed FX’s webinar page

These sessions will be recorded so in case you’re unable to join for the live session(s) you can view the recording later.

Keep up the security!

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Interviewed by!

This is exciting for me and I guess it would be for any author to be interviewed and published. My interview was recently published on

Here’s the Interview excerpt,

What inspires you to write?

My passion for technology and the spark to share the bit of knowledge I have!
Moreover, I’m inspired by my family which motivates myself to excel and to think and do things differently.

Tell us about your writing process

When I started working on the title “Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks”, it came through as a rather pleasant revelation was, how I had to be creative in thinking what audience would like to see, vivid in visualizing to ensure that pictures do mean a thousand words, and convinced to decide the best way to explain a concept in a clear and concise manner.
Being an author has changed the way I look at things and the perspective in which I represent my thoughts. In a nutshell, I try and be in a reader’s mood and profile to see what a reader would like to see in the book.
The tools of writing are pretty much simple and unsophisticated as I use Microsoft Word for writing, Excel for tables, Visio and Powerpoint for diagrams, and PrtScrn for capturing screens (for illustrations). When it comes to writing process, I clear my mind, sit down in a relaxed environment, and start working through my thoughts and write down the rough manuscript which I finalize once all done. Overall, a straight forward and simple process.

How did you decide how to publish your books?

For technology oriented books there’re a few publishers however, for Cisco specific books the list is even shorter. When it comes to choice of publisher, it wasn’t a difficult venture as I had my mind made up for Cisco Press. Again, they are a a great platform for technologists like myself and people who wish to invest time and effort into writing a technical literature. So, without a doubt I was going with them, at least for this title
In future I would like to explore more avenues like another publisher for the technical literature or may be even self publishing.

To read the full interview visit

To explore the world of and understanding of VoIP / UC Security read Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks

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Understanding Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express Security – Voice Encryption

Voice over IP (VoIP) is not just need of hour for most enterprises; it’s something their business depends on to a degree that without IP communications in place, their business processes and revenue streams will fall apart. In such case, it goes without saying; security of voice networks is one of the chief concerns when it comes to security of intellectual capital and customer data. More often than not, one of the first thoughts is how to secure the VoIP network itself which is leveraged by IP Telephony / Unified Communication (UC) applications.

So what is that may be the most commonly sought after yet elusive security control which plays an indispensable role in securing a VoIP network? Your guess is as good as mine, it is encryption! Now, you are well within your rights to ask why elusive? The simple answer is – where encryption can help you succeed and protect the privacy of communications, it can also be detrimental for various functions / organizations e.g. monitoring secure calls is not a trivial task and encrypting all endpoints has an impact on platform sizing and performance.

In this article we discuss about the security of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCME) which is an integral part of Cisco UC; and more so of Cisco Express Call processing regime.

To read the full article visit

To learn in depth about Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure, endpoint, device and application security refer to Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks

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