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Chalk Talk – An Insight to Cisco VPN Phone

So, this is my second chalk talk in two consecutive months (year end happy)!

This chalk talk featured on Cisco Support Community and Cisco Technical Services Newsletter focuses on Cisco VPN phone feature for small business to enterprises looking for a scalable and secure way to let the remote workers/telecommuters connect and leverage the corporate voice resources.

Here’s an excerpt from the article.


In today’s world, organizations are striving to stay connected with their employees. With businesses going 24X7, no organization can afford to have employees disconnected from the enterprise network and not able to access corporate voice or data resources. Understanding that modern day organizations need secure connectivity for their remote employees as well as telecommuters, Cisco has come out with the concept of VPN client on physical Cisco Unified IP Phone. Yes, you read it right, it’s an SSL client installed on a Cisco IP Phone that enables remote workforce and on-the-go employees to get access to corporate UC resources.

Cisco VPN Phone Overview

This new feature is called Cisco VPN Phone, and it leverages Cisco AnyConnect SSL client built into an IP phone’s firmware to connect to enterprise edge firewall (Cisco ASA). Cisco VPN Phone feature has numerous benefits,such as:

  • No additional hardware is required by the end-user except for the IP Phone itself.
  • Cisco Unified IP Phone with Cisco VPN client can get online from wherever Internet access is available.
  • Cisco VPN Phone feature is supported with both Cisco ASA and Cisco IOS routers.
  • Cisco VPN Phone can secure voice and video media along with IP Phone service traffic. This gives additional flexibility to go from a voice-only call to a video call. VPN tunnel applies only to voice, video, and IP phone services. The PC connected to PC port is responsible for authenticating and establishing its own tunnel with VPN client software (Split Tunneling)
  • All settings are configured via CUCM administration, thereby providing ease of administration.


For full article visit

For a detailed insight to Cisco Collaboration/UC security read Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks book that covers every aspect of UC security and beyond.

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Happy holidays!

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Cisco ASA Firewall – Lifeline of today’s Data Centers – Recording from Live Webcast

As you might have read in my previous post, I was scheduled to host a Webcast for CSC on Cisco ASA as next gen firewall.

In case you couldn’t make it to the live session – no worries, the recording of the webcast is now available on Cisco Support Community (CSC) as well as Cisco Live 365. Also, as a bonus, there are FAQs, Ask The Expert queries and you can also download the slides used during the webcast (all on CSC, slides only on Cisco Live).

You can access the recording at following URLs:

Cisco Support Community –

Cisco Live 365 –

So, if you wish to see ASA 5500 and 5500-X firewalls in action and clustering demo, what are you waiting for? See the video and don’t forget to rate!


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CSC Webcast – Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Firewalls: Lifeline of Today’s Data Centers

I invite you to join me for live webcast on ‘Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) Firewalls: Lifeline of Today’s Data Centers’ on 30 Jul 2013 at 11.30 am IST (GMT +5.30). I’ll be your host during this session.

Please register for this event at following URL

An overview of the webcast –

Firewalls have been an integral component of data networks ever since the inception of network attacks. Cisco ASA redefines firewalling technology by providing state-of-the-art firewall capabilities, VPN termination, inline modules for antivirus, spam prevention, and intrusion prevention and, most importantly, by enabling organizations to filter and control traffic as per their security policy.

During this live event, Cisco subject matter expert Akhil Behl will focus on various new features of the Cisco ASA firewall as a next-generation data center firewall in terms of its capability, scalability, and performance. The emphasis will be on Cisco ASA as a next-generation data center firewall, providing clustering and intelligent threat defense using Cisco ScanSafe technology and access control based on Cisco TrustSec. The essence of the session will revolve around how Cisco ASA 5500 series firewalls can deliver high-class performance with utmost reliability and stakeholder satisfaction in today’s competitive environment.

During the live webcast, you will learn about:

• An introduction to Cisco ASA 5500 and 5500-x series firewalls
• Cisco ASA next-generation firewall technology for borderless networks
• Insight into Cisco ASA clustering
• Overview of Cisco ASA web security (ScanSafe)
• Overview of Cisco ASA TrustSec

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Best Practices for Deploying Secure Cisco IP Telephony Solutions

IP telephony is slowly but surely becoming part of the modern day organization’s day-to day-operations. In fact, some organizations depend on it to the extent of their core business or processes based on IP communications. Sadly though, the security aspect pertinent to IP based communications network, applications, and underlying infrastructure is usually not taken into consideration (or is ignored) when enterprises and businesses think of deploying unified communications.

On the same lines of thought, why should anyone for that matter think of securing an IP telephony network? The answer is simple however manifold:

  1. To protect the information flowing in IP communication channels from eavesdropping and reconnaissance attacks as well as from manipulation or injection attacks.
  2. To ensure that the investment in their on-premise or off-premise infrastructure pays off (ROI) and doesn’t end up in a rogue’s hands, utilizing it for malicious purposes.
  3. To lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by leveraging IP communications to offset PSTN/Toll calls and reducing Moving, Addition, Configuration, and Deletion (MACD) and at the same time, keeping conversations safe.
  4. Attacks on the telephony network may result in monetary and reputation loss. Moreover, it can directly or indirectly impact the business continuity and clientage.

Today, many organizations depend on a number of IP telephony services like voice calls, instant messaging, conferencing, and video conferencing. A typical IP telephony network can face several threats like toll fraud, reconnaissance attacks, eavesdropping, Denial of Service (DoS) attack, and call hijack. While most organizations do consider that their network needs protection from internal or external threats, such a notion is missing (usually) when it comes to their IP telephony applications/devices.

Read the full article at

For more insight to Cisco IP Telephony Security refer to Cisco Press book Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks

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Audio review and intro of ‘Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks’

I’ve to admit, this is pretty cool!

There’s now an audio review and intro available for the book ‘Securing Cisco Telephony Networks’ thanks to

To listen to audio preview click here Audio Preview of Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks

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Understanding Cisco UC Security

Understanding Cisco UC Security

VoIP Security is top of mind concern for CIO’s, IT managers, UC engineers, and security professionals. This video highlights the various potential threats that exist in real world around VoIP networks and the remediation methods, Cisco UC solution defense construct, UC PKI, Security by Deafult (SBD) and much more.

The video is accompanied by a blog (and you can also download the slide deck for your future reference)


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CSC Tech-Talk Series – Understanding Cisco Unified Communications Security

Cisco Unified Communications Solution Security – Overview

The long waged war between TDM and IP Telephony is over and the winner is: VoIP! Long ago seen down upon IP based communications and UC adoption have changed and continue to change the communications paradigm. As more and more organizations adopt IP Telephony / Unified Communication (UC) solutions, they savor the potential of – power of connectivity, lower costs, and improved productivity. It can’t be denied that business agility is the mantra for success in an increasingly competitive and global environment and UC allows organizations supporting attainment of internal and external stakeholder satisfaction by enabling organizations to embed communications and collaboration into business processes. Collaboration with customers, employees, contractors, and strategic partners help accelerate time‐to-market, conscious decision making, and innovation hence, resulting in world class business agility.

However, with obvious benefits of UC there’re a number of threats that come to life when the essence of VoIP is based on data networks, which have been under attack ever since the conception of the Internet. There’s not one but many threats when it pertains to your UC solution, as simple as eavesdropping to as complex as a Denial of Service (DOS) attack. Within the context of UC solution, the whole ecosystem must be secured from business process driven communications to network infrastructure to UC applications to endpoints to management. And that too in a manner that – the security implied upholds protection of intellectual property and proprietary information, preserves corporate brands and reputations, and complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

This blog is dedicated to help you understand the need for UC security and to comprehend the various intricacies of securing a Cisco UC solution.

To read more and watch the video go to–understanding-cisco-unified-communications-security

Video for tech talk available at

For more info on Unified Communications and Cisco IP Telephony, Network, Management security you can refer to Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks


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