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Understanding Cisco UC Security

Understanding Cisco UC Security

VoIP Security is top of mind concern for CIO’s, IT managers, UC engineers, and security professionals. This video highlights the various potential threats that exist in real world around VoIP networks and the remediation methods, Cisco UC solution defense construct, UC PKI, Security by Deafult (SBD) and much more.

The video is accompanied by a blog (and you can also download the slide deck for your future reference)


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Cisco IP Communicator / IP Phone – Exploiting built-in web server

Here’s a video on how someone rogue can exploit the web server of an IP Phone / Soft Phone installed in your organization and get information about call processing server, TFTP, network information and so on.

CIPC / IP Phone Web Server Exploit – Revealing Ton of Information

To know about more attacks on the same lines and how you can defend your turf, read Cisco Press publication Securing Cisco IP Telephony Networks


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