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Terminator and SkyNet might be here before you think!

Terminator movies have taught us a couple of important lessons – Whatever you do you cannot control the destiny. And, don’t let all the control to the machines.

That said – with IoT beginning to connect ‘Things’ and with no security standards (well not much of them anyway) established during the IoT wars; don’t you wonder if that ‘smart’ machine in your home or office is secure enough and will absolutely do what it’s supposed to do?

Time to think again! A recent publication by SCMagazine clearly articulates the fact that it’s about time that security was made paramount before going live with anything that is ‘smart’ enough to take decisions.

An excerpt follows:

As many of these “smart” machines are self – propelled, it is important that they’re secure, well protected, and not easy to hack. If not, instead of helpful resources they could quickly  become dangerous tools capable of wreaking havoc and caus ing substantive harm to  their surroundings and the humans they’re designed to serve. We’re already experiencing some of the consequences of substantial cybersecurity  problems with Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are impacting the Internet,  companies and commerce, and individual consumers alike. Cybersecurity problems in  robots could have a much greater impact. When you think of robots as computers with  arms, legs, or wheels, they become kinetic IoT devices that, if hacked, can pose new  serious threat s we have never encountered before.  As human – robot interactions improve and evolve, new attack vectors emerge and threat  scenarios expand. Mechanical extremities, peripheral devices, and human trust expand  the area where cybersecurity issues could be  exploited to cause harm, destroy property,  or even kill.


There are references of incidents where life threatening situations occurred because security was at loss for example:

  • A robot security guard at the Stanford Shopping Center in Silicon Valley knocked  down a toddler; fortunately, the child was not seriously hurt
  • A Chinese – made robot had an accident at a Shenzhen tech trade  fair, smashing a  glass window and injuring someone standing nearby
  • In 2007 a robot cannon killed 9 soldiers and seriously injured 14 others during a  shooting exercise due to a malfunction
  • Robotic surgery has been linked to 144 deaths in the US by a recent study

Time to wake up to reality that (cyber) security controls are more than desired with robotics let apart IoT; the mother ship of connectivity (and increases the attack and exploit surface manifold).

Bottom line: Trying to let control go to leverage automation may not be a good idea unless there are strict security norms and cyber security controls in place.

Watch out – that smart machine may be just too smart for your liking!!!

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