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An Insight to Cisco UC Security Controls

It’s only natural to think about the security of your network or a network you have designed or deployed. Cisco IP Telephony networks are no different, and they need their share of security to ensure that things work out the way you planned them and not how an attacker plans them to work for his motives. With that said, it always comes as a surprise that security is not one of the first topics discussed when an IP Telephony network is planned or designed.

Why you may ask? For a few reasons: perhaps there is a lack of confidence to secure a relatively (compared to data networks) technology, or maybe it’s a scarcity of resources (monetary or manpower) or management support.

Let’s say you are able to overcome these initial hurdles when preparing, planning, and designing security for your Cisco IP Telephony network; are you sure what you have put down in the plan or design is the right set of security controls to help you ensure the sanctity and stability of  Cisco IP Telephony solution? Are you confident that the security you planned aligns well with your organization’s vision/goals? This article helps you answer these questions by exploring the security controls that help you to plan for and implement security for your Cisco IP Telephony solution.

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Security Researcher Compromises Cisco VoIP Phones

A new phone vulnerability has been found by Ang Cui of Columbia University, where a phone can be tuned into a funtenna thereby eavesdropping conversation even when phone is on hook!

For details refer to article.

Cisco is working on getting out a new firmware to fix this issue and has certain recommendations meanwhile to deter this defect and attack. See


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