Into The Cloud 9

02 Jul


Dear All,

I’ll be presenting a life inspired webcast series – Into The Cloud 9 where I will share my life experiences and present my journey through the various phases of my life where I did things further than the customary to leave a mark. The webcasts will walk through my phases in life where I lead charge and drove beyond the usual being an author, a speaker, an evangelist, and an artisan at work; breaking the traditional notions and creating a wealth of information. These webinars are crux of life turning events that I went through; creating opportunities for myself and leading others on a path to leave their legacy – as I would leave one; beyond my existence.

Most people feel (if not say) that they wish to leave some sort of legacy in life. The interesting part is that, even if they don’t say it; there is usually some sort of desire – almost always. Its human nature that we all want to be remembered because being remembered means that our lives had meaning and significance to someone other than ourselves.

People such as authors, speakers, musicians, artists, inventors, and such leave legacies through their bodies of work. But it’s only those who push the bounds beyond the ordinary and challenge the traditions, confines, and status quo of their respective fields of work or their industry; are usually not forgotten because of their boldness and innovation. I’ve pushed the bounds, and I know what it is like to be on the top of a summit.

I love spreading my knowledge about my industry to the masses by my blog, my posts on social media, and most importantly, by my books. How many people you run into have written articles; let apart books? How many would ever want to because it consumes social and personal life to be dedicated to such a noble cause? In the end, those who do or even wish to, I help them wherever possible; in all ways I can.

I am who I am, and I can only change for myself and those around me for betterment of our life because, it’s my passion to guide people into things that are not comfortable however, bear the sweetest fruit when endured. When I speak, I don’t sugar coat things and tell my audience the truth, whether they like it or not it’s their choice. And, by doing it as I gain the respect of thousands of people every year, so can you!

I take risks whenever I can because I know, without risks – there are no rewards. Everyone thinks differently and I admire people who decide that they need to step out and get it done because; they are the ones who make a mark and leave a legacy.

It’s all about leaving a legacy for without one – you were just one of 6 billion people on this planet, who would live and die without being known for anything apart from living a normal life. Your legacy may not be all weighed in coins; but in what you did at large to impact the society; especially the people in your genre, line of business, or community. Be remembered for something, beyond being recognized for being someone!

If you think this is of value to you or someone you know please join me in my journey and realize the untapped potential and lead a life extraordinaire!

The webcasts are being hosted by and you can register (or refer others to) at

With Regards,

Akhil Behl

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